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EDC Resources

EDC Resources for Science Teaching and Learning http://cse.edc.org/curriculum/default.asp EDC's Center for Science Education (CSE), now part of the Science and Mathematics Programs (SMP), has developed extensive resources for teaching and learning science in elementary, middle and secondary school and in out-of-school settings. Here, you will find links to many of these resources.

The Guide to Professional Development of Out-of-School Science Activity Leaders http://cse.edc.org/products/npassprofdevguide/ Developed to support institutions that wish to implement sustainable programs of professional development and capacity building for OST science.

ITEST Learning Resource Center: http://itestlrc.edc.org/


Resources for Science and Engineering Activities

There are now a wide variety of published science activities and kits that have been designed for out-of school or informal learning environments. These are of varying quality and practicality. To get a sense of what is available and their relative usefulness for your setting, we have included the following links.

Consumer’s Guide to Afterschool Science Resources

SEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit

Exploratorium Hands-on Activities

TERC Afterschool and Informal Learning

American Museum of Natural History: Resources for Learning

NSTA Informal Science Portal: http://www.nsta.org/portals/informal.aspx

NSTA-Recommended Book Resources: http://science.nsta.org/enewsletter/2008-05/books_elementary.htm

GEMS: http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu/gems/

How science works: The flowchart: http://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/scienceflowchart An interactive flowchart on the process of scientific inquiry.


General Out-of-School Resources

Afterschool Training Toolkit (SEDL): http://www.sedl.org/afterschool/toolkits/index.html

Frontiers in Urban Science Education Resource Guide: http://afterschoolsystems.org/content/document/detail/3040/ This resource guide offers strategies to advance informal science education in after-school programs.

Promising practices in Afterschool: http://afterschool.org/


Afterschool Science Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools in Informal Science http://www.pearweb.org/atis

NPASS2 Afterschool Site Visit Observation Form

NPASS2 Afterschool Training Observation Form 3-Hr Workshop Observation Form 


Out-of-School Organizations

Former NPASS partners are indicated by an asterisk (*)

*4-H Afterschool: http://www.4-hafterschool.org/

21st Century Community Learning Centers: http://www.ed.gov/programs/21stcclc/index.html

Afterschool Alliance: http://afterschoolalliance.org/

*Boston Children’s Museum: http://www.bostonkids.org/

Coalition for Afterschool Science: http://qt.exploratorium.edu/csas/about.html

*Explora Science Center: http://www.explora.mus.nm.us/

*Headwaters Science Center: http://www.hscbemidji.org/

*Lawrence Hall of Science: http://www.lhs.berkeley.edu

*National 4-H Council: http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/

*Providence Children's Museum: http://www.childrenmuseum.org/

*Rochester Museum and Science Center: http://www.rmsc.org/

*Santa Cruz County Extension Service: http://cesantacruz.ucdavis.edu/

*Science Museum of Minnesota: http://www.smm.org/

*University of California Cooperative Extension: http://ucanr.org/index.cfm

*University of Minnesota Extension: http://www.extension.umn.edu/

*University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension: http://extension.unh.edu/


News Articles

Newsweek article - The Creativity Crisis: http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/10/the-creativity-crisis.html For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong – and how we can fix it.