Rubber Band Powered Cars


Since the invention of the automobile, toy cars have always held special appeal for children (and adults). Whatever their means of power, model cars hold people's attention whenever they move. In this project, children build a car and make it move using a rubber band as the source of power. Children become deeply involved in this project because of the surprising results that can be achieved with a simple set of materials. Both the product and what it can do are high motivators. On first consideration this project may seem simple and straightforward. In fact, it turns out to be quite challenging for children. Rubber band powered cars are not as common as other kinds of toy cars. If children haven't seen one previously, they may find it hard to think of a way to use the rubber band to power the car. However, once they have overcome this problem, they are quite enthusiastic about trying different ways to make the rubber band powered car go farther and faster. After the initial construction, there are suggestions in this guide for changes that can be made on the car that will allow it to travel farther.