Additional Explore It! Curricula


The following Explore It! curriculum guides were not implemented by the NPASS networks. They are available for sale at, however, no additional support is available at this time.

Explore It!

Explore It!- Implementation Guide

Different sizes and shapes of inflated balloons can be launched in a variety of ways with the result being different trajectories and different distances traveled. Children learn about the phenomena of action-reaction and the properties of air pressure. Instructional material.

Colliding Balls
Using a piece of molding as a track and a set of different kinds of balls, children experiment to see what happens when the balls collide with each other, through which children gain some sense of how objects exchange energy. Instructional material.

Exploring Food
Marooned on a desert island with a limited food supply, children investigate the properties and make-up of common foods. Investigations of water content, fat content and the roles of starch and gluten in flour all contribute to the overall question of what constitutes a "balanced" diet. Instructional material.

Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets
Children explore the properties of permanent magnets, such as how to make their magnetic fields visible. Then, they determine the properties of electromagnets by making fun gadgets.

Soda Science
Children can make up their own soda recipes in a systematic way while practicing in a concrete manner the mathematical operations of ratio and proportion. Then, they analyze a real soda to compare how the relative proportions of ingredients in the commercial version compare with theirs. Instructional material.