Additional Design It! Curricula


The following Design It! curriculum guides were not implemented by the NPASS networks. They are available for sale at, however, no additional support is available at this time.

Design It!

Design It!- Implementation Guide
The Implementation Guide to Design It! Projects is designed to serve as an introduction to the Design It! program and as a resource for program leaders using the curriculum for the first time, administrators of after school programs, and trainers who conduct workshops for after school program leaders. It covers some aspects of management and the structuring of an effective learning environment and provides further support in the use of each of the project guides. It also gives a sense of context and procedures that are needed to promote effective engagement by the children.

Blinking Lights
After getting acquainted with some basic electrical circuits using batteries and bulbs, children are challenged to design a flashlight from a soda can, cardboard, battery, and wires. They also design a rotary switch, which they use to control a model traffic light system. Instructional material only.

Cardboard Constructions
How strong a stool can children construct from a small cardboard box? Will it support an adult? Building on this experience, children build a bed using a large piece of cardboard supported by small boxes. In the final activities, children build large modular houses from pieces of refrigerator boxes. Instructional material only.

Using a cardboard box as the body, a yardstick as a boom, and a small electric motor as the power source, children make a working model of a crane. One aspect of the challenge is to design different ways of attaching string to the shaft of the motor so that it can lift varying amounts of nails in a cup. Instructional material only.

Sand and Water Clocks
For a number of centuries, clocks used flowing sand or water to measure time. It is surprising to today's children and adults that could be so accurate. Sand and water clocks nowadays are used more for decoration and ambiance. Flowing sand is mesmerizing to watch and the sound of falling water is known to be soothing. But beyond the aesthetics, there is still a special appeal to their operation. In this project, children will enjoy designing their own sand and water clocks and then will be enthralled to watch them keep time.