NPASS2: Program Locations

Funding for NPASS ended on December 31, 2014. However, many former NPASS partners still offer NPASS training and programs funded by local grants and fees. Contact the state leadership organizations listed below to see if they are NPASS training scheduled near you. Contact information for individual NPASS trainers, however, may not be be current at this time.

You can also contact NPASS PI Charlie Hutchison by filling out the form on the Contact page of this site.

More than 1000 NPASS afterschool locations in nine states have been delivering extended, research-based, hands-on, minds-on science and engineering projects to their students on a weekly basis throughout the school year. NPASS students are elementary school age with a significant participation of middle and high school students in some states.

The following programs are participating:

If you did not find a statewide NPASS organization in your state on the NPASS website, you can contact Charlie Hutchison at Active Science Learning, Inc. Charlie help you get great afterschool science programming and professional development started in your state or region right away.