The goals of the Explore It! program are to adapt and develop science activities for out-of-school child care programs serving children ages 8–12 and collaborate with science centers, out-of-school programs, and community resource personnel to develop support systems to sustain science investigations in out-of-school programs.

The curriculum was field tested with the help of science center and children museums, science centers across the United States:(Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, AZ; The Children's Museum, Boston, MA; The Children's Museum of Houston, TX; New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY; Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC; and the Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA), and up to 36 local community agencies.

Explore It! involves children exploring familiar phenomena (such as air and water movement, reflection, and balancing) in an extended manner using simple materials to foster science learning. These investigations provide an experiential foundation for the development of concepts aligned with the national standards that are addressed in formal school curricula. Internet resources and visits by science museum educators will supplement and extend the implementation of the new curriculum.